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I'm Tabatha, the owner and founder of Peppercorn Health. I've always dreamt of starting my own supplement business, my inspiration came from my Mum and her lovely health food shop you can see here this picture.

Her Health Food Store is also called Peppercorn and based in a small market town, in Pocklington, East Yorkshire. I spent most my of my growing up life here. Myself and my Sisters would help my Mum at the shop, working, sourcing and collecting products.


I became fascinated hearing about the amazing benefits that her customers were experiencing as a result of taking natural herbal supplements. I would listen to my mums advise to her customers, and over time I found I was also able to advise customers on what supplement was required for their health needs. 

The passion i have for alternative medicine led me to bring this business online. My Mum still has her shop and please do visit if you're in the area. However i wanted to reach out to the wider world to enable anyone outside of this market town, to  access honest, valuable 'local' advice.

I truly believe that nature created and continues to create the world we live in, therefore its nature that can help heal and cure. 


I have created a supplement range to include the most common of herbal remedies for both yourself and your Pets. I am always looking to expand the range so please do get in touch if you have any suggestions or would like any advice. 


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Thank you for visiting my online store and taking the time to read this.


Tabatha x