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Immunity Support Gift Set

This smart, reusable Box contains 2 x hand sanitisers, a hand sewn washable face mask, as well as 3 months supplies of both Multivitamins & Vitamin D3.

Peppercorn Health's Immunity Gift Box includes a 3 month supply of Vitamin D.
Benefits of Vitamin D3: 
Vitamin D3, sometimes known as the "sunshine vitamin" because its produced in your skin in response to sunlight. Vitamin D has several important functions; Perhaps the most vital is its capability to improve resistance against certain diseases and its key role in boosting the immune system. Studies have suggested that people with a vitamin D deficiency are more susceptible to infection and a weakened immune system.

Peppercorn Health's Immunity Gift Box includes a 3 month supply of Multivitamins:
Benefits of Multivitamins:
Everyone should take a general multivitamin tablets as they can benefit the body with increased energy levels. If you don't get enough vitamins your body has to work harder to perform simple tasks which can lead to fatigue and other health problem
Help Boost your immune system from the inside.

Peppercorn Health Immunity Gift Set includes the vital products required to use and take on a daily basis to support our immunity.

Immunity Support Gift Box